Holokai - Chart your own course

Students at BYU–Hawaii chart their own Holokai, JennieLynn Jessop.

Students at BYU–Hawaii chart their own Holokai, Jose Francisco Gomez Masis.

Students at BYU–Hawaii chart their own Holokai, Paige Wurtzbacher.

A BYU–Hawaii Degree will: 

  • Study something practical without sacrificing your passion

  • Pursue your interest in greater depth

  • Better qualify for employment

  • Develop lasting interests

We recommend starting your first semester by following these three steps:

Step 1: Select an introductory course within each of the three categories that most interest you.

Step 2: Register for one or two core classes— i.e., Math and English 101

Step 3: Register for a religion class


Still not sure what you would like to study? Here are some helpful resources:


Requirements of a BYU–Hawaii Degree:

BYU–Hawaii Degree = Core classes + 2 minors or certificates + Religious Education

A student will complete a Major from one of the three categories:

Math & Sciences

Students will find in the Math & Sciences category, the programs' primary purpose is to engage students in learning and understanding pure and applied mathematics, algorithms, and/or scientific thinking. We define scientific thinking as a pattern of following the scientific method using quantitative, evidence-based reasoning and the formulation of testable explanations and predictions about the universe and our existence within it.

Arts & Humanities

In the Arts & Humanities category, programs explore what it means to be human and to interact with diverse others. This may take the form of historical, linguistic, or cultural inquiry, or it may be accomplished through active participation in the visual and performing arts.

Professional Studies

In the Professional Studies category, the programs cover a wide range of disciplinary areas. They share a practical focus in helping students be well prepared for active social and civic engagement and to have the skills to help organizations and people learn and succeed.


Additionally, the student will complete a minor and/or certificate from each of the two remaining categories. To receive a diploma, the selection of the major and minor/certificates must be chosen across different departments.