Tips for Faculty: Class Rolls, Grading, and Registration

How to I find my class roll in PeopleSoft?

Log in to at the link at the top right on the homepage of


Click on the Instructor tab:


Then Click on Faculty Center hyperlink in the middle of the Instructor page:


Make sure you are looking at the right semester (you can change the semester by clicking the "change term" button):

change term button image

Then you click on the icon on the far left for the section you want to see the Class Roll:

class roll button image

How do I see the pictures of the students who are registered?

Once you click on the particular class you want to see and are looking at the Class Roll, the button for Picture Class Roll is on the bottom right:


What is the difference between the class roll in PeopleSoft and in Canvas?

The class roll in Canvas comes from PeopleSoft, but the one in PeopleSoft is the official roll. Be certain to check the PeopleSoft roll to see who is in the class.  If someone has withdrawn you can see a WTH next to their name in PeopleSoft.  In Canvas those who withdraw will still look like any other student.  If they drop the class they will no longer appear on the default roll in PeopleSoft and they will be removed from the Canvas roll.

excel spreadsheet button image

How do I get an Excel class roll for my class?

At the top of the Class Roster there is an icon that will generate a populated Excel spreadsheet with the information on the roster.

Excel class roll

What happens when I sign an Add/Drop Slip?

Up through the first 4 days of class students can register themselves for classes if they are open.  If they are not open and you add them then you are authorizing the Registrar's office to enroll the student over the cap.  The add slips will not be processed until the Friday before the semester begins. Be aware that even if the class is open when you sign the add/drop slip that by the time it is processed the class may be full and the student will be added over the cap.  It may be safest to wait until after the computer closes to sign the add/drop slips, but it is your class and your choice.

What is the difference between dropping and withdrawing?

Students do not need faculty permission to drop.  They drop online for the first 4 days of the semester and can drop with an add/drop slip and advisor signature for the next month. Dropped classes do not show up on their academic record.

After about a month students cannot drop.  They must withdraw and get either a W or WF as part of their academic record.  The faculty assign these as part of the process.  If the student is passing the class at that point they should get a W.  It has no impact on their GPA.  Be aware that a WF has the same impact on their GPA as failing the class.

What happens when I sign a Withdraw Form?

The student will remain on your roll and the W or WF will be their grade for the course.

wth image

How do I enter grades in PeopleSoft?

Click here for a checklist and a series of screen shots to walk you through the process.

Remember that you want to click on this icon when you are looking at the section:

section button image

This icon will not appear until later in the semester.  If this icon is still missing by the time you are entering grades, please contact your department administrative assistant.  She can fix the scheduling set-up to make sure that you have access to grade the class.

What are the grade submission deadlines?

See the Academic Calendar for the exact dates. It will be noon of the Thursday after classes end if the semester ends on a Friday.

Why does it matter that I meet the grade submission deadline?

Usually the next semester begins only a couple days after grades are due. Many processes are run as soon as grades are entered. An N/S (not submitted) grade that can hurt students' abilities to:

  • Enroll in the proper classes
  • Receive scholarships
  • Be identified as being on probation or suspension
  • Receive academic honors or awards
  • Graduate

It is imperative that all faculty meet the grade submission deadline to avoid hurting the students' academic and financial status.  The faculty of record must be the one to give the final approval of grades in PeopleSoft, but this can be done on any computer if you happen to be away from Campus.  Be sure it says "Approved" and that you SAVE.

approve and save button

Do I need to do anything about entering a W or WF grade for a student in PeopleSoft?

No. When it comes time to assign grades the Withdraw Period is already complete and the W or WF has already been entered into PeopleSoft by the Registrar's Office from the form that you filled out when the student withdrew.  Students who discontinued during the Withdraw Period will not have brought a form, but the Registrar's Office will have sent you an email asking if they should receive a W or WF.  You will see that W or WF already populated as the Official Grade for the Student.  You will not enter a Roster Grade.

roster grade image

Can I see the students who have dropped the class?

Yes. Above the roll is the drop-down menu "Enrollment Status."  The default is "Enrolled," but you can change it to "Dropped" and then see a list of the students who have dropped the class.

dropped students image

What is the difference between dropping, withdrawing, and discontinuing?

Click here to see a chart explaining the processes and implications of dropping, withdrawing, getting an incomplete, having a reduced load and discontinuing from the University.

What impact does it have on a student to be in an online-only class or to be in an online-only semester?

Click here for a chart with implications for housing, Federal Financial Aid, health benefits, scholarships, and semesters in residence.  Online-only classes are essential for students who are completely away from campus for a semester.  During an online-only semester they can receive reduced tuition and it does not count as a semester in-residence.

Online-only classes provide additional flexibility, but there are limits on the number of online-only classes that international students and federal financial aid recipients can take.

To provide more options and more clarity about what classes are completely online (online-only) and which classes students need to be on-campus for we have various modes of instruction.

Online-only (sec. 300) = can be done completely online, no on-campus components

On-campus sections:

On-campus online (sec. 200) = not completely online, has on-campus components

Hybrid (sec. 100) = not completely online, has on-campus components and a scheduled place and time, some meetings may be online

In Person (sec. 1, 2, 3) = has on-campus and online components, has a scheduled place and time

Click here to see an infographic about the modes of instruction

How can I get support to help struggling students?

Early Alert is built into the class roll and is a way of notifying other offices on campus that can help support your efforts to reach out to students who may have stopped attending or who have challenges.  These include the Center for Academic Success located in the library, the Counseling Center, the EIL coordinator, and the Registrar's Office.

Look at the bottom of the class roll in PeopleSoft and you will see the button for Early Alert:

early alert button image

When you see the Early Alert page there are 5 options next to each student.  Different options will send messages to different offices. in the text entry box, please be sure to very briefly give specifics of the efforts you have made to reach out and the particulars of the student's situation.

student situation options image

The primary office to support students who are struggling academically is the Center for Academic Success which is in the library and is staffed by senior missionaries who have been called for this purpose as well as peer mentors.  They are there to help students learn time management, study skills, and to encourage them in their potential.

Notifications to other offices are trigged with particular lines in the alert.  When you click "English Language Issues" then an alert is sent to the EIL coordinator as well.  When you click "Has not attended class or has stopped attending class" an alert is sent to the Registrar's Office to follow up to see if the student may have withdrawn or discontinued without doing the paperwork.

Be aware that if you click "Possible Personal/Family/Special Need Issues" then the alert is only sent to the Counseling Center so that students who may be fragile and struggling will only be working with one person and not risk being overwhelmed with many people checking in.