Curriculum Change: Levels of approval needed

The attached file specifies the level of approval needed for various forms of curriculum change.  These levels are listed in two formats, by the type of curriculum change and by the different levels of approval.

For all curriculum changes that only require the approval of the department, the dean, and the associate academic vice president for curriculum you will need less time and be able to use simpler paperwork.

Briefly, these simpler curriculum change items that only require use of the EZ form are:

  • Correcting the catalog, PeopleSoft, or major requirement sheets to match approved curriculum change
  • Changing course descriptions and names
  • Making courses inactive or reactivated
  • Making other editorial changes
  • Changes to prerequisites (if other department requirement sheets are affected, the dept. chair for that department will need to sign off on the form)
  • Getting approval for a new special topic for a 390R Special Topics course

A full curriculum proposal to the Curriculum Council, etc. will be required for changes that involve:

  • New courses (including making a special topic into a regular course after 2 or 3 pilots as a 390R)
  • Changes in credits or the level of a class (e.g. 300 level to 200 level)
  • Course sequence being modified on current Major and Minor Requirement Sheets (e.g. what classes are required to graduate with that particular major)
  • New majors, minors, and certificates

Please be sure to talk with the associate dean in your college about your proposal during the development stage.  He or she will present the full curriculum proposals to the Curriculum Council and so will need to understand the proposal and be able to answer any questions that may come up.

If you have any questions or if I can be of any help, please feel free to contact me at at any point in the process of curriculum change.