GE Review Process

Dear Faculty,

We are grateful for your support and participation as we work through the GE Review process.  To help you review the key points from 2011-2014, this page provides links to key pieces of information that we have tried to share and to gather during the last three years. 

Clearly there were many more meetings than this, but we're hoping to capture key points in the development of the direction we have been going.  We are particularly grateful for those who have participated and given essential feedback throughout the process.

We are continuing the process and are grateful for your insights and feedback.

Best wishes,

Jennifer Lane for the GE Review Working Group

(David Beus, Jeff Burroughs, Dave Bybee, Russel Carlson, Marilee Ching, Sanoma Goodwill/Steve Hancock, Matt Kester, Ban Phung, Amanda Wallace)


Please click on the links for more information on the work done with General Education.

Learning as Becoming: Preparing Students to Become Servant-Leaders (Philosophical roots, Connections with the learning model)

Reinventing Undergraduate Education, the Boyer Commission Report (background on "inquiry-based" approach)

Essential Learning Outcomes from the AAC&U LEAP Report

Initial Faculty Workshop (Jan. 2011, "What should students be able to do by graduation?")

Faculty Workshop Results (Tally from the "voting" with dots)

Feedback on Core Capacities (Written feedback from the groups)

GE Review Direction for Ad Hoc (May 2011, Refined Core Capacities presented and initial design direction)

Faculty Meeting GE Update (Sept. 2011, recap of progress so far)

GE Workshops on Possible Design Features (Oct. 2011, PowerPoint)

GE design options (Oct. 2011, preview of possible features of a General Education program)

Faculty Workshop Survey (A blank survey)

Quantitative Data Summary (An analysis of the quantitative scoring of preference and interest)

Survey Quantitative Data (All the written feedback from the surveys)

GE Meetings on Tentative Design Strategies (Jan. 2012, PowerPoint)

Faculty Feedback from Meetings (Jan. 2012, notes from 4 meetings held with faculty)

Synthesis of GE Outcomes and Design draft summary (Feb. 2012)

Framework clarified: 34 hours for GE, incl. math & language (0-7 hours, 101 not in GE), majors at 62 hours, certificates at 15 hours (April 2012)

Approval Process (Directions from President Wheelwright and Deans' Council on future steps)

Presentation of Proposal (Fall 2012 PowerPoint, given to Steering Comm., Deans' Council & Dept. Chairs)

One page summary

Handouts summarizing framework, courses, outcomes, "mapping" of GE proposal

Course Proposals for Local Communities and Critical Inquiry and Analysis

Supplemental explanation of reasoning behind second language requirement

Data on New Domestic Freshman: Foreign language experience in High School (Average - 2.5 years)

Feedback on the proposal was gathered in College-wide meetings in Fall 2012 and January 2013

Written summary of the feedback by College presented in Deans' Council (January 29, 2013)

The Working Group was asked to meet and prepare a response to the feedback

Written response presented to the Deans' Council and President Wheelwright (February 26, 2013)

Proposal approved by the Deans' Council to submit to President Wheelwright (May 7, 2013)

Presentation at General Faculty Meeting to share proposal sent to President (May 9, 2013)

The proposal was approved by the Commissioner's Office in Summer 2013 and teams were set up to begin developing new courses.


Fall 2013: Max Checketts asked that each of the deans take responsibility for organizing the teams for the new course development. (Phillip McArthur of the College of Language, Culture and Arts with INQ 110 Critical Inquiry and Analysis, Glade Tew of the College of Business, Computing and Government with Local Communities, Jeff Burroughs of the College of Math and Science with Math 107 and INQ 120 Scientific Reasoning, and John Bailey of the College of Human Development with Rel 233 The Family and the Gospel)

Fall 2013: GE Implementation Proposal approved by Deans' Council (November 19, 2013) Updated 9/30/14 Additional refinements made 11/26/14

Summer 2014: pilot of INQ 120 Scientific Inquiry

Fall 2014: pilots of  INQ 110 Critical Inquiry and Analysis and LCOM 102 Local Communities: Principles of Civic and Moral Engagement

For Winter 2014: Core GE Classes renamed: GE 100, GE 110, GE 120

2015:  The new GE Program will go into effect in 2015. 

It will be the GE program for new students starting Fall 2015.  No current students need to adopt it.  Current students on the current GE program do, however, have the option of switching to a Transition GE program that has all the components of the new program with some equivalencies to current requirements to facilitate the transition.

The requirement sheets for the New GE Program, the Transition GE program, the old program, and a comparison chart can be found in the online Catalog and are linked here